Tabor Lake Association Mission

Established in 2009, we are a voluntary, non-regulatory organization. Our mission is to provide information and education on maintaining the quality of the Tabor Lake area and its wildlife; to promote environmental protection of the area; and to gather together as a community for social activities related to our common interests in the lake.

About Tabor Lake, Wisconsin

Tabor Lake is approximately 157 acres, located in Burnett County, Wisconsin. The maximum depth is 31 feet. Tabor is the 1st on a chain of 26 lakes, 26 Lake being the last.

The lake was called Loon Lake until the 50s when the DNR decided the lakes needed more distinct names, there were so many Loons, Gulls, Turtles, etc. They chose names of long-term property owners on the lakes. Goodman, Berg, Burlingame, Minerva were all new names.

In 1930 there were few cabins on the lake. A Mr. I.C. Tabor from Texas built a beautiful lodge-like place on the north end of the lake, about where Dunrovin is now. The lot was originally owned by someone named Nelson (Irving?). Tabor, born about 1870, is referred to in an article about a bell for the Trinity Lutheran church (1919-2012) in Danbury (4th and Center streets) for which he donated funds. We found an I.C. Tabor listed as a clerk for Ellington Church in Stephensville, WI; an article about Stephensville refers to a "Dr." Tabor.

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