Aquatic Invasive Species Update

With the DNR, Tabor Lake Association (TLA) has discovered two aquatic invasive species (AIS) in our lake, Curly-Leaf Pondweed (CLPW) and Japanese Knotweed.

The CLPW was minimal, plants were pulled and we’re monitoring to see if that was it. June is a big month for its appearance so keep an eye peeled and email us if you see any!






Japanese Knotweed is at the entrance of the channel. Unfortunately, there’s more of that than is easy to eradicate. The DNR will be treating it chemically in the fall. We are monitoring and staying in touch with the DNR.





The TLA board is investigating signing up for an Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Plan with the DNR which will provide preventative review — we’ve formed an AIS sub-committee. We’re just starting as of May 2022, will post more as we know more.

In the meanwhile, please continue your best watercraft practices! If aggressive AIS take hold in Tabor Lake, lake enjoyment and property values will suffer.

  • INSPECT/RINSE boats, trailers, equipment
  • REMOVE all attached aquatic plants and animals
  • DRAIN all water from  boats, vehicles and equipment (Zebra Mussels are invisible at early stages)
  • NEVER MOVE live fish bait away from a body of water

Click for more details about best practices on our BOATING page.