Board Elections in July, 2023 – Will You Join?

May 2023

We will be holding elections for new board members at the July 28 Annual Picnic & Meeting. Open seats are for Treasurer, Communications and At Large. Members can vote. Please consider serving!


Every two years we elect board members*. Association members vote at the annual meeting (July 31, 2021). There are seven positions which are defined in our bylaws, but there’s lots of latitude. For example, some boards focus on environmental issues, while others work to expand getting to know each other — it depends on the interests of the members. In fact, the bylaws allow for sub-committees if there are particular interests any Association member has.

Having an Association creates a structure that can take on any issue that the members feel needs to be addressed. Just having each other’s email addresses creates connection and safety. The Association also makes us eligible, automatically, for financial help from the state should we (when we!) suffer from aquatic invasive species.

This board has done what it can to make being a board member as easy as possible. All tasks have been documented so there’s no re-inventing the wheel. Fringe benefits: we learned things about our lake and we got to know each other and made new friendships.

Here’s a brief description of what each board member does:

President — the chief executive officer of the Association; presides over meetings

Vice President — fills in for the President when necessary

Treasurer — maintains the financial records of the Association and signs all checks; prepares an annual financial statement for the annual meeting and maintains any governmental registrations, elections or filings

Secretary — maintains the official records and archives of the Association; records and distributes the minutes of member meetings and Board meetings; maintains the member mailing list

Communications — sends email notices to the membership; maintains the website; creates the annual membership drive mailing pieces

At Large (2) — these are flexible positions

We can’t have an Association without board members. Please consider serving!

Email us if you’d like a copy of the Bylaws, available to members.

* The terms of office of President and Vice President expire in even-numbered years. The terms of office of Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director expire in odd-numbered years. The terms of at large members expire two years after they are elected.

May 2022

A new board met last September and again this May. Its been working primarily with the Aquatic Invasive Species issue that reared its ugly head last year.

This board will continue our great Boat Parade and Picnic traditions with a few little twists. We’re all ears if you have ideas, folks, you can email us any time —

Thank you to former boards members for their service! 

TLA Annual Meeting

TLA members gather for the 2018 annual picnic