Emergency Preparedness, Safety & Security

Have a Plan, Be Aware and Be Prepared

First off, if you are experiencing an emergency, call 911! In Burnett County, we have dispatchers who will decide the best course of action from available resources, whether sheriff, fire, ambulance or first responders. In our rural area, response time can be up to 45 minutes. Therefore, personal preparedness is a darn good idea.

And please note, we offer this information for general purposes only. It was gathered through interviews with authorities and websites and is all subject to change. TLA will not be monitoring for changes, and so continued accuracy is not guaranteed — please double-check yourself before acting.

  • The sheriff’s office is in Siren. There is always one deputy on duty and occasionally two. Where that deputy is located at the time of an emergency determines the response time.
  • The closest fire departments are in Danbury, Webster and Webb Lake.
  • Ambulance service comes out of Webster, at A&H and Grantsburg; air ambulance is stationed in Siren. (Danbury used to have service but no more.)
  • First responders are located in Webster, Webb Lake and A&H. They are volunteers who are trained as EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) or EMT-P (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic). The First Responders carry pagers and may be responding from their homes or places of employment. The First Responders carry first aid kits, airway devices, oxygen and AED’s (automatic external defibrillator).

You can see, instantaneous help is not readily available. Maybe you want to take a first aid course. Getting to know your neighbors can also be a life-saver. Magazines like this one have lots of ideas for cabin owners.

The DNR provides a thorough approach to preventing fire, click here. Download the Firewise brochure here.

Download a list of medical facilities in the area here.

Sign up for BEACON – Burnett Emergency Alert Communication or Notification System
Burnett County has a system to allow residents and visitors the opportunity to receive free emergency alert notifications. These notifications can include severe weather alerts, law enforcement warnings, Red Flag warnings, etc. To receive these alerts, click here and scroll down to BEACON.

Here’s a link to making your own emergency kit.

The non-emergency number for Burnett County Sheriff dispatch is 715-349-2121.