Tabor Lake is part of the LoonWatch project and has a Loon Ranger who reports important loon events on the lake yearly. The events include migration, nesting, and chick rearing.

Tabor Lake can support one pair of loons on the lake, other loons may join them as guests from time to time. The loons from this area migrate to the Carolinas In the winter. The adult loons usually leave a few weeks before the babies and fly to Lake Michigan and hang out with other adult loons before flying to the Carolinas. The babies meet up with other juvenile loons and fly directly to their winter home. They will not be returning for 2-3 years.

Enjoy watching the loons on the lake but stay 200 feet away from them.

Loons 2017-2018

Pat S. reported the Loons were nesting in early June 2017, however there was no baby loon this year.

She reported that a dead Loon was found in the South bay.

Pat asked if the TLA would like to donate to the Northland College Loon Watch Program. Motion was made and seconded to send them $25.

Spring of 2018, the loons have been nesting in the North Bay for three weeks and hopefully will have a baby loon with in 1-2 weeks… stay tuned!

Remember to stay at least 200 feet away from the Loons when they are nesting.


Diving Lessons for Baby Loon

loon and babyOver the 4th of July weekend it was observed the parents were teaching the baby loon how to dive for food.

Adult loons give 5 basic calls. Click here and go to BEHAVIOR to hear each call and read an explanation of what the loon is saying.


First baby loon siting of 2016! 

Loon Ranger Pat Steingruebl reports that on June 4, a baby loon was seen swimming with its proud parents. The parents were observed feeding fish to their baby.