Water Quality Tips | 2022 Report

Are you interested in what you can do to maintain our water quality? Our resident aquatic biologist shared some tips if you’d like to up your stewardship game.

  • Maintain your septic system
    It is important to regularly pump your system. To be blunt, this keeps crap from spilling in to your drainfield. Also, never dispose of anything poisonous down the drain or in the toilet — it can leach into the soil and get into the lake.
  • Keep a buffer between lawn and lake
    A buffer of just 35 feet will do the trick.
    If using any grass food/fertilizer, choose one with minimal phosphorous to prevent algae growth in our lake.
  • Leave natural lake habitat
    Leaving natural habitat in the water helps to prevent aquatic invastive species (AIS) from taking root and keeps our fishery healthy.
  • Time for a new outboard motor?
    If you will be purchasing an outboard motor, consider buying a 4-stroke rather than a 2-stroke which dumps its exhaust with gas and oil directly into the water.
  • New dock or boat lift?
    If you purchase a used dock or boat lift, letting it sit over a winter will kill any potentially bad hitchhikers.


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Secchi depths (how far down can you see), taken three times over the summer were 11, 11 and 9 feet (last year was 12, 12 and 12 feet).